30 days of marvel: day 2 favorite male character.

Scott Summers, Cyclops.

"Cyclops was right."

also a tough decision, but Cyclops is imo the best marvel character RIGHT NOW.

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oh god this is just plain awful but you know nothing better came up

30 days of marvel: day 1 favorite female character.

Emma Frost, the White Queen.

"And, yes, I am a massive snob, and there was no need for you all to think it at once."

very tough decision since I love a lot of marvel females and, specially, x-ladies. but Emma is simply just THE BEST.

Punch first, Talk never: 30 Days of Marvel


I’m going to start a new Marvel meme based off the DC meme that queenmera made a while back. [x]

  1. Favorite Female Character
  2. Favorite Male Character
  3. Character Who Should Have Their Own Series
  4. Character/Team Who Should Have Their Own Movie
  5. Favorite Team
  6. Favorite Villain
  7. Favorite Mutant

SO, today I decided that I will start this beautiful heaven-sent meme that I’ve liked for quite some time. The first one is just around the corner. 

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x-men fancast

"Surprise, Porky! What’s’a matter, you never seen a teen-age all-American ghost before?"

x-men fancast

"I do not give my word… unless I mean to keep it."

x-men fancast

"This is my mind — my soul — my life — and I mean to keep them to myself!"

x-men fancast

"The old saying, "Red skies in morning, traveler take warning," doesn’t mean much when all of your mornings are red.”


those days have passed into mere memory…